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Dhea Mather is a natural cosmetics laboratory in Sardinia, we produce creams, soaps and natural cosmetics with donkey milk. Our mission is to create products that give wellness to the skin. Unlike all other natural cosmetics that use freeze-dried donkey milk, Dhea Mather products are composed exclusively of 100% fresh donkey milk.

We at Dhea Mather focus on the principles of eco-sustainability, based on the production of cosmetics aimed at protecting and the well-being of our animals who graze freely in a lush and green area of ​​Sardinia: the Mandrolisai.
Ours is a limited production and we take only a small percentage of milk from donkeys Ours is a limited production and we take only a small percentage of milk from donkeys, balancing the foal’s feeding with vegetable flours. Based on these values, we create natural cosmetics with donkey milk for the well-being of the skin, which maintain the precious characteristics of donkey milk useful for making the skin more luminous, velvety and elastic.

Gaia - Fresh Donkey Milk Soap
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Natural donkey milk soap , suitable for the face and body, with anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties, adjuvant in the cure of eczema , of the psoriasis and dermatitis . Moisturizing and soothing for sensitive skin .

DONKEY MILK SERUM 98% - Natural lifting effect
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Donkey Milk Moisturizing Serum with 98% concentration, ideal for the face. Excellent against acne, wrinkles and stretch marks, rich in proteins that help keep the skin soft and silky. Natural lifting effect.

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Donkey milk cream (78%) and natural ingredients of the Mediterranean flora of Sardinia that make the skin silky, smooth, soft, bright and healthy. Dermatologically tested

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Customer feedback

After trying the 98% Dhea Mather Serum my skin is radiant! I really like this gel because it is particularly rich in collagen, it is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy traces. It can be applied gently on the face. At the beginning there is a slight tension, which must be the lifting effect. The face then appears fresher and the skin is very soft

Cecile Gafner


I started using Gaia soap. I was pleasantly impressed! Having always had problematic and very sensitive skin, I have always struggled to find products that did not give me problems and above all natural. With this soap I turned my situation around. I have been using it for a week as a face cleanser, morning and evening, every now and then also on the body, in particular on the neck and décolleté, which are the areas where my skin reddens more easily.

Valentina Scaiola

Beauty Blogger

Although my face is not characterized by mature skin, I still understood the importance of daily day care and, after starting to use the ” White Gold “cream Dhea Mather , I discovered a new sensation of freshness and a brightness that is finally satisfied! Needless to say, I cleaned all the other products.

Recensione siero Latte d'asina

Chiara Merlino


I am thrilled with this natural anti-aging formula. Among other things, I am fascinated by the fact that donkey milk has an ancient tradition. I have been using this cream for three months and I am noticing significant changes on my skin. Compared to before, my skin is much softer, elastic and smoother.

Recensione sapone Latte d'asina

Nadja Chiappini


I am often on the road, and the stress resulting from the various shifts and commitments often shines through the skin of my face. I tried different formulations, but it is only thanks to a gift from a Sardinian friend of mine that I discovered the 98% Dhea Mather serum : I can’t hide that after a few applications my skin has really changed its appearance and improved tone!
Crema al latte d'asina Dhea Mather

Isabella Cardinali


Creams with 78%
and 98% fresh milk

We are the ONLY IN ITALY
to use fresh donkey milk
with these percentages to create our natural cosmetics.