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Dhea Mather is a cosmetic laboratory in Sardinia that produces natural creams and soaps with donkey milk. Our aim is to offer well-being, and this is the reason why, with our research, we don’t create only products, but also feelings. We want the use of our natural cosmetics to become a moment of pleasure for the day, protecting the skin in the most natural possible way.


We produce our donkey milk creams only with fresh milk from our Sardinian donkey breed. It is not subjected to the freeze-drying process and it is immediately used for the production of our natural cosmetics. By doing so, we maintain all the nutritional properties of our donkey milk unchanged. In fact, Dhea Mather guarantees high-quality products thanks to the precious properties of our donkey milk.


Deah Mather is the only company in Italy that uses fresh donkey milk from 78% to 98% percentages. The complexity of our breeding management with free-living animals and the immediate transport of our milk to the laboratory has required years of improvement and specific knowledge. Our goal was the production of an unparalleled serum and a cream with high percentages of milk and active ingredients practically intact.


After a decade dedicated to the genetic selection and to the recovery of the Sardinian donkey breed, today our animals live totally free in wild pastures in the Mediterranean scrub of the Madrolisai area in central Sardinia. Our milk is one of a kind thanks to the herbs and active ingredients that the donkeys eat, these properties are kept intact and transferred to the cosmetic products that the company produces.


Dhea Mather is an eco-friendly company and for this reason, we prefer to produce a limited product line focusing on the quality of our raw materials. We produce donkey milk every day, and we analyze it weekly with the collaboration of “Sardegna Ricerche”. We take great care of our animal’s safety and well-being in total respect of our donkey’s foal. We use a limited amount of milk from the mother and we balance the foal’s diet with vegetable flours.


There are many reasons to choose us:

  • It’s the only company in Italy that uses very high percentages of fresh donkey milk. Our goal is to give the greatest well-being to our skin;
  • All the products that we create, soaps, creams, and cosmetics are highly natural, so there are no parabens or other irritant substances for the skin;
  • The product formulas are dermatologically tested and approved; these are high-quality products from all points of view.
  • Also, we create our products with tools that don’t damage or alter the milk’s active ingredients and our donkey milk production is constantly monitored in order to comply with high standards both in quality and safety according to national and European laws.
  • Dhea Mather represents a lifestyle choice because our products give a chance to everyone to rediscover the marvels offered by nature. Our concept and mission is to create products that totally satisfy the consumer’s expectations, providing high quality and offering professionalism, competence, and transparency, all essential company characteristics.
  • Our company boasts years of experience and we are constantly focused on improving each person’s health and beauty with safe and certified products. Taking care of your skin is not a choice, but a lifestyle!
  • We offer a range of products that are ideal for those who have very sensitive skin and that need to soothe it every day. A line studied in detail to take care of the skin in a gentle way, but with an extraordinary effect. Therefore, for those who are looking for a solution to most skin conditions, it’s time to choose Dhea Mather.