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Donkey milk as a natural cosmetic in history
Cleopatra’s beauty secrets

Donkey milk today is becoming very popular among natural cosmetic products for skin care and rejuvenation, but this is not a recent discovery, indeed.

As a natural skin care cosmetic, it has been known since ancient times. Take for example Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, who bathed in milk every day. It was only donkey milk because as early as 4000 years ago, its anti-aging and beneficial cosmetic properties were known.

Cleopatra wasn’t the only one using it, also Emperor Nero’s wife used to bathe in donkey’s milk. Its effect was so powerful that when Poppea traveled, she always carried herds of donkeys to avoid giving up her rejuvenating bath. And even Napoleon’s sister, Paolina Bonaparte, was fascinated centuries later.

But what did these and many other women find in donkey milk? Definitely a natural cosmetic that rejuvenates the skin. In fact, this milk is rich in antioxidant and anti-aging substances.

In 1800, donkey milk was even used in France to cure diseases. This milk is in fact very rich in beneficial substances and is very similar to breast milk. Precisely for this reason, in history it has also been used as a nourishment for orphan newborns.

Donkey  milk today

As we know, many of the modern medicines and cosmetics were born from ancient intuitions, intuitions born from centuries of results obtained thanks to different tests. Today, thanks to modern technologies, these insights have proved true and we at Dhea Mather have put at your disposal all the benefits of donkey milk to give you a soft and radiant skin.

Entrust your skin to our donkey milk creams and soaps to always keep it young, bright and healthy:

Gaia – Donkey milk soap

Used for cleansing and purifying the face it can be used safely on the body or even as a shaving soap for men. After you start using it you will never be able to live without it, the feeling of softness during cleansing will feel like giving you a gentle healing massage on your skin.

98% Donkey milk face serum

With a fresh donkey milk titration at 98%, this product is unique in Italy. Thanks to its properties it has an exceptional cooling and lifting effect on the skin, but it is above all an anti-aging serum. This serum is an authentic youth elixir.

“Oro bianco” – 78% donkey milk face cream

Our flagship product. A formulation based on donkey milk and natural oils and essential oils from Sardinia. Made with the collaboration of “Sardegna Ricerche” this lotion is dermatologically tested.