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Unlike all other natural cosmetics that use freeze dried donkey milk, Dhea Mather products are made exclusively from 100% fresh milk. After many years of experience, we have succeeded in developing thermal control techniques that allow us to use freshly produced milk. This allows us to keep the milk’s properties and active ingredients used for the production of our creams intact.

All the processing phases of our natural donkey milk cosmetics are carried out manually or using special instruments that keep the milk’s the active ingredients and properties fully intact.

Dhea Mather relies on milk produced within its own Sardinian donkey farm, so it’s possible to use it immediately to create our natural cosmetics.

In this way we maintain the nutritive properties of the raw material. Donkey milk is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, minerals and trace elements thanks to which it’s possible to create creams that attenuate the process of skin aging. These active ingredients also act as a protective shield against external climatic factors, also relying on its anti-inflammatory properties.

Thanks to the high fat content such as Omega 3 and Omega b, donkey milk repairs cell membranes and fights free radicals. With our natural donkey milk cosmetics, you will be able to reduce irritation thanks to their soothing effect.

Counting on a high content of lysozyme, a substance with a bactericidal action, Dhea Mather’s natural donkey milk cosmetics have great antiseptic qualities. They are a valid support for the treatment of psoriasis and other problems related to the skin. They act on the microcirculation favoring the anti-inflammatory and immune response in the case of infections and wounds, they also strengthen the skin’s immune system.


We of Dhea Mather focus on principles of eco-sustainability, based on the production of cosmetics that aim to protect and take care of our animal’s wellbeing, especially of the donkey’s foal, removing only a reduced amount of milk from the mother and balancing the foal’s diet with vegetable flours.

Relying on these values, we create donkey milk natural cosmetics for our skin’s wellbeing, which maintain the precious characteristics of donkey milk that help keeping the skin more luminous, velvety and elastic.

There are countless benefits that can be obtained thanks to this precious raw material. The enhancement of these properties as well as the positive effects found make donkey milk an excellent remedy for solving various skin problems: eczema, psoriasis, appearance of the first wrinkles, pimples, acne, sun spots. All Dhea Mather cosmetics and products are suitable for all skin types, especially those that are very sensitive and delicate.

The first results of a softer, silky and velvety skin can be obtained as early as the first week, regularly applying the product in the morning and evening. Our goal is to give well-being to the skin, paying particular attention to the selection of the raw materials. Our company’s mission is to spread the importance of health through a constant search for highly natural products.

For this reason all the ingredients are carefully selected after a careful and scrupulous verification, in order to obtain a highly natural product from all points of view.

The two creams, “White Gold” and “98% Serum” are produced with donkey milk at 78% and 98%, we are the only Italian company that use these high percentages.

Those who have already tested them personally have been more than satisfied with the revitalizing, hydrating, nourishing effects they felt on their skin, making the face more compact, tonic, smooth and above all younger.

Who trusts us gets:

Quality products: the combination of the processing methods and the quality of the selected raw materials make each product excellent as it is natural and free from irritating substances;

The right price: the value for money is attractive. We want to dispel the myth that “natural is equal to expensive”. We of Dhea Mather have decided to create a direct meeting point between the producer and the buyer.

Maximum professionalism in every single aspect towards the customer: transparency, constant updating of our products, a detailed description of each cosmetic, secure payment methods, customer support, shipment tracking up to delivery are all aspects in which we pay more attention in order to fully meet our customer needs.