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Gaia-Fresh Donkey’s milk soap

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Sapone naturale al Latte d’Asina, adatto per il viso e per il corpo, con proprietà anti-ossidanti e anti-invecchiamento, coadiuvante nella cura dell’eczema, della psoriasi e delle dermatiti. Moisturizing and soothing for sensitive skin.

Weight: 100gr

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Cleanses and moisturizes the skin

ours Donkey Milk Soap It is a solid and delicate detergent, suitable for washing hands, face and body. Moreover, with its rich percentage of Donkey’s Milk, it cleanses and moisturizes making the skin soft and elastic. Its precious fatty acids protect the membranes of the skin cells.

The multivitamin complex present in the soap (A, B, C, E) interrupts the reactions generated by the products of cellular catabolism carrying out a protective action against the epithelium. Lysozyme attenuates the cutaneous inflammatory states and plays an important antibacterial action.

The asine soap with cleansing cleansing Detergent, has the function of delicately cleansing the face, this because the raw materials used are all of high quality, rigorously selected and Check


The milk we have combined the rice oil, also rich in unsaturated fatty acids and characterized by the presence of Gammaorizanol, vitamin E and phytosterols. In particular the gamma-orizanol is a valid antioxidant able to counteract the formation of free radicals and to filter the sunlight, intercedising the UV radiation and hinding the transmission.

Thanks to the properties of which it is characterized, your face will return to shine again. Donkey’s Milk has really excellent cosmetic properties, especially thanks to a high concentration of vitamin C and vitamin E. È un ottimo nutriente per le pelli aride, mature e secche e se utilizzato con costanza sono moltissimi sono i benefici che si possono ottenere.

Inoltre, vanta proprietà lenitive ed emollienti, per cui se soffri di infiammazioni della pelle, come dermatiti o psoriasi, e nell’arco di poco tempo potrai vedere con i tuoi stessi occhi i risultati.

The Gaia soap by Dhea Mather

Dhea Mather is dedicated to creating these natural products, she breeds donkeys on the spot, so the product is of the highest quality from all points of view. Unlike traditional soaps, this product has a greater moisturizing and emollient power, does not irritate the skin, but is also ideal for very sensitive skin. It has been proven that, if used constantly, it keeps the skin soft and the color will return to be that of the past, in addition to reducing wrinkles .. In order to properly use donkey milk soap, you need to follow some tricks. To get good results you will need to use the soap at least twice a day: in the morning and then in the evening ..

As for the methods of use, just rub the wet soap on your face for a few seconds, then you need to massage the skin gently doing circular massages especially on the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose, then provide for rinsing with plenty of water. The water must be neither too hot nor too cold. Once this first operation has been performed, a moisturizing cream can be applied. Obviously the advice is always to use creams with the same active ingredient, therefore a good solution is represented by the serum with donkey milk or even the donkey milk moisturizer is fine..

Donkey milk purifying detergent: why use it?

The reasons can be many, but one thing is certain: those who decide to try a highly natural product knows perfectly what they are using on their face. Moreover, thanks to the use of quality raw materials, the results will be visible starting as early as a few weeks. In addition to this, the skin is protected from inflammatory processes, from free radicals responsible for cellular aging, and from bacteria. Purifying cleansing donkey milk soap is suitable not only for facial cleansing, but also for the care of one’s body. It can also be used as a shaving soap for men. In short, there are many uses of our soap with donkey milk and the benefits on the other hand are equally innumerable.

1 review for Gaia-Fresh Donkey’s milk soap

  1. Marianna

    The best thing I have ever tried. I liked most of all, that you feel that the product is made from the natural componnent and it has the smell of essencial oils. After using one week I did not have more any problems with skin, its became shine, clean and healthy. And just for saying I have very allergic skean and it is very rare when the product is fine for me.

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