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Moisturizing serum with 98% donkey milk concentration is ideal for visage, excellent to contrast acne, wrinkles and stretch marks and riches of proteins that helps to maintain soft and silky skin.


Intensely moisturizing serum with 98% of donkey milk. This visage serum is completely natural, made with fresh donkey milk not lyophilized. The high concentration of fresh donkey milk is a special feature of Dhea Mather products and also the moisturizing, nourishing and revitalizing properties make the cosmetic treatment precious. This serum is rich in proteins that maintain the skin soft and silky. It is an extraordinary adjuvant in the cell membrane regeneration process, regenerates the skin and reduces skin aging effects. The serum is an excellent anti-acne and healing agent, stimulates cell renewal and reduces wrinkles, pimples, sunspots, lipids and vitamins, too.


Acne-prone skin is oily skin characterized by an overproduction of sebum. However, the sebum maintains the skin moisturized and soft, so the first wrinkles will appear later, but this doesn’t mean that the skin will not age. Therefore, for those who suffer from adult acne (different from the classic acne) and at the same time see the first wrinkles can use different products suitable for these specific problems, such as donkey milk serum that applied regularly rebalances the skin in a very short time.

Dhea Mather company is located in Sardinia and employs only natural ingredients, in this way the cosmetics are safe and highly efficient.


The first products to be avoided are those that dehydrate the skin. In fact, on the market there are several cleansers that dehydrate the skin without any benefits, but this stimulates more sebum production and consequently pimples and acne appear and shows premature aging signs. Therefore, chemical peel, aggressive cleanser, anti-aging oily creams are to be avoided. In addition, comedogenic products that obstruct pores and consequently acne appear, are to be avoided. In this case, use gentle anti-aging cream.

Donkey milk serum represents an efficient solution to reactivate skin balance and produce the best benefits.


 The reasons why many women buy donkey milk serum are diverse, but among the most important we include:

  • It is a concentrate of nutrients for skin
  • It is riches of properties as breast milk
  • It induces the protection against infective agents
  • It deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin without making it oily
  • It relaxes wrinkles
  • It is able to make the skin turgid, bright and elastic

According to recent research, the donkey milk serum is rich in nourishing, moisturizing and revitalizing properties. It is ideal for who suffers from adult acne and it is able to contrast skin aging, stretch marks and sunspot, thanks to the substances and active ingredients in which it is composed. Therefore, the serum works as a healing and anti-acne agent and starting from the first application the skin becomes soft and silky.

Taking care of your skin has to become a priority and not an alternative choice. The cleansing is an important phase to reduce and prevent blemishes and wrinkles. We recommend cleaning your visage twice a day: in the morning to remove blemishes accumulated during sleeping and in the evening to remove any trace of dirt and makeup on the skin. In this way, the skin will be protected from external agents and free radicals responsible for skin aging. On the other hand, when the skin ages it needs more moisturization, so what better solution than considering donkey milk serum?

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  1. Marianna

    It is very strong product for lifting, you feel and see the effect immediatly.

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