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Although my face is not characterized by a mature skin, I still understood the importance of daily care and, after having started using the “Oro Bianco” Dhea Mather cream, I discovered a new sensation of freshness and a suSch brightness to finally be satisfied! Needless to say, I cleaned all the other products.

I am excited about this natural anti-aging formula. Among other things, I am fascinated by the fact that donkey’s milk has an ancient tradition. I’ve been using this cream for three months and I’m noticing significant changes on my skin. Compared to before, my skin is much softer, more elastic and smoother.
I often travel, and the stress deriving from the various movements and commitments often shines through the skin of my face. I have tried different formulations, but it is only thanks to a gift from a friend of mine from Sardinia that I discovered the Serum 98% Dhea Mather: I cannot hide that my epidermis already after a few applications has really changed appearance and improved tone!
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