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Rosehip oil in the “Oro Bianco” (White Gold) donkey milk face lotion

Mosqueta Rose (rosehip) is a generic term of Spanish origin, which indicates a kind of wild roses originating in Europe and Western Asia.

Mosqueta Rose varieties are also present in Sardinia and recently some Sardinian companies have begun to produce cold pressed essential oils.

The Mosqueta Rose plant produces delicate white or pink flowers which develop into red berries full of seeds.
It is precisely in these small seeds that the great cosmetic virtues and properties are enclosed. In particular, the oil extracted from these seeds is endosed with a remarkable restorative, elasticizing and repairing power for the skin. For this reason it’s in the formulation of our “Oro Bianco” Donkey Milk face lotion.

  • It prevents stretch marks or scarring
  • It nourishes and gives tone to the skin, especially dry skin
  • It counteracts skin aging and the formation of the so-called “expression lines”
  • It reduces stretch marks and scars
  • It is an excellent remedy for dermatitis and psoriasis
  • It accelerates the healing of burns and sunburns

It regulates the production of melanin, this is why it’s used in case of imperfections due to sun exposure.
This is because the Mosqueta Rose seeds are rich in various nutrients such as Linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid, carotenoids, tocopherol and phytosterols.


All these nourishing components allow the Mosqueta Rose oil to be used as an ingredient for anti-aging creams: it promotes tissue regeneration, maintains cellular functionality and implements our body defense mechanisms.

In fact, Mosqueta Rose oil has a high content of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids (linoleic 41%, linolenic 39%), which are essential for the regeneration process of the cell membranes and therefore for the renewal of skin tissues. Vitamin A is added to these essential fatty acids, whose rejuvenating effect on the skin is proven.
Its application makes the skin fresher, smoother and more elastic, eliminating signs of fatigue and hydrating it.


Mosqueta Rose oil, together with the properties of donkey milk, contrasts skin aging, eliminating expression lines, the so-called “crow’s feet” and dark spots caused by the sun and ageing.
Moreover, Mosqueta Rose oil acts as an excellent natural remedy for eczema. It contains Vitamin E which is a natural antioxidant, Vitamin K, which stimulates coagulation, with positive effects in case of skin irritation and redness.
The substance Squalene is one of the main components of the epidermis and has emollient and antioxidant properties. Retinol, on the other hand, is a highly active form of vitamin A and is frequently used in dermatology for its firming qualities and to stimulate cellular repair.

Furthermore, Mosqueta Rose is an excellent natural remedy that can reduce the scars caused by acne. Even if it does not make the scars disappear, the Oro Bianco face lotion with donkey milk and Rosa Mosqueta oil makes the damaged skin visibly smoother, softer and more elastic thanks to their healing cell regenerating properties. It is good both for fresh scars (spreading it gently on top) and for older scars (massaging delicately.

Mosqueta Rose oil has a very high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential substances for the prostaglandin synthesis, responsible for the regeneration processes of membranes and skin tissues. These active ingredients are mainly responsible for its cosmetic-dermatological effects, as they are necessary for the skin renewal process.
Furthermore, the presence of trans-retinoic acid, an isomer of Vitamin A, enhances the integrity and efficiency of all epithelia and the natural cell immunity.