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In this section of the site you can buy our donkey milk creams and soaps online. Choose the products and add them to your cart and complete the data registration and payment. For more information read our answers to Payments are secure and managed with Bank Sella Gestpay, Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer. 

👉 DHEA MATHER offers you a fair trade exchange to overcome together the dramatic moment that we are all experiencing. A simple gesture to shake hands, now that we can’t do it anymore.
👉 To anyone who purchases a cream or serum, we will give free our 100 gr Gaia soap, a fantastic natural antiseptic that avoids damaging the skin as a result of frequent use of chemical detergents. THERE IS NO NEED TO ADD THE SOAP TO THE CART (unless you want one more) WE WILL PUT IT DIRECTLY OURSELVES!

🎁 We also offer 3 other 30 gr. Donkey milk mini-soap that children love!

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